The ruins of Clonmacnoise Monastery sits on the River Shannon in County Offaly, Ireland. It was founded in 544 by St. Ciaran, and for centuries it was the most famous and important monastery in Ireland. The grounds include ruins of a cathedral, other churches, stone towers, and several high crosses. We visited there in September 2014. Crosses Towers Ruins Grounds Continue reading Clonmacnoise


Part photo portfolio. Part journal. All of our adventures. We like journeys. Big trips, weekend trips, road trips, walks on our local trails – we like them all. And we like photography. For years we have taken photos on these journeys, saved them to a hard drive, and never looked at them again. We also both have poor memories. Have we been to Cleveland two … Continue reading Hello!


Paestum was an ancient Greek city on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in what is now southern Italy. The area is best known for three Greek temple ruins dating back to 600 BC, as well as well -preserved Roman foundations, streets, and other structures. We visited in September, 2016. Temple of Athena, c. 500 BC Roman ruins and foundations Temple of Hera II, c. … Continue reading Paestum